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Bank Guarantee

Bank Guarantees demonstrate the client’s repayment abilities and prove his solvency and credit worthiness toward his business partners.

Letter of Credit

The Document Letter of Dredit known as LC or DLC is a written undertaking given by a bank to the seller (beneficiary) of goods and services.

Proof of FUnds

A proof of funds is a document demonstrating the the client has a certain financial capacity. 

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Our Services

Our services include, but are not limited to

Asset Management

With a great depth and breadth of expertise, we help clients achieve their goals through a wide array of strategies, in every major sector and asset class through various distribution channels.

Bank Proof of Funds

Our bank proof of funds irrevocably confirms funds availability by SWIFT from major banks. Amounts between $10 Million and $500 Million USD are readily available; larger amounts can be arranged.

Financial and regulatory advice

Using our network to keep current on developments and advising on the practical effects of international regulatory trends.

Loans and credit facilities

Structuring cross-border facilities, secured and unsecured, and trade-financing transactions.

Private Equity

Structuring and organizing new funds, structuring and executing institutional and management-led buyouts, public-to-privates, follow-on acquisitions, IPOs and trade sales. Areas of expertise include traditional private equity, alternative asset funds (e.g., real estate, infrastructure and oil & gas) and hedge funds.

Bank Instruments and Securities

We represent financial institutions and corporate entities in connection with the issuance of bonds, notes, commercial paper, and other capital market instruments.

Project finance

Structuring privatizations, limited recourse and non-recourse finance transactions.

Credit Enhancement

We create and place highly structured credit enhancement and targeted risk capital products that provide efficient capital solutions for large investment projects.

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